Village Board

The Johnson City Village Board

Greg Deemie


(607) 798-7861

Mayor Deemie was elected to his first two-year term as a Trustee in November of 2010. On April 25, 2012 he was appointed Mayor by the Village Board, following the resignation of Mayor Dennis Hannon. In November of 2012, Mayor Deemie was elected to a one-year term to complete the unexpired term of former Mayor Hannon. In November of 2017, Mayor Deemie was elected to his second four-year term of office.

Richard Balles


(607) 797-7025

2017 is Trustee Balles’s 20th year as a Trustee.

Bruce King


(607) 729-6043

Trustee King was elected to his current term in November of 2016.

Clark Giblin


(607) 222-7086

Trustee Giblin was elected to his first two year term as a Trustee in November 2017.

John Walker


(607) 725-5563

Trustee Walker was appointed in June of 2016 to the fill the seat left vacant by the resignation of Trustee Luke Slota. In November of 2016 he was elected to fill the remaining 1 year of former Trustee Slota’s 2 year term.

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