Department of Public Works

 243 Main St., Johnson City, NY 13790

Phone: 607-797-3031       Fax: 607-798-9553

Office Hours: 6:00am – 2:30pm


If you have a DPW Emergency and it is after 2:30pm or during a weekend or holiday, please call the Johnson City Police Department at 729-9321. The Police will contact the on-call foreman. (Due to extensive damage from the September 2011 flood, the DPW Offices at 124 Brown St. have been temporarily relocated to the second floor of Village Hall) 


Robert A. Bennett – Director of Public Services

Michael Sherba - Supervisor of Public Works


The Johnson City Department of Public Works encompasses 4 departments: Streets, Sewer, Refuse and Parks. For detailed information regarding these departments, please click on the appropriate link below.


Streets            Sewer              Refuse           Parks



Every person and/or contractor doing any type of digging must call Dig Safely New York at 1-800-962-7962 at least two (2) full working days prior to digging. Personnel from Dig Safely will have two (2) working days to locate and mark all of the buried lines within 15 feet of the proposed work site. This service is free. When you call, you will be asked to provide specific information including, name, address, nearest intersecting streets, whether the work is within 500’ of a traffic signal, applicable phone numbers, means of excavating, etc. Penalties for noncompliance are severe.

Roadside MailboxesMaintenance of mailboxes is the responsibility of the property owner. Please, inspect your mailboxes to ensure the posts are in good condition and that the mailboxes are not hanging over the pavement edge.


Broome County Health Dept.

Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition

National Flood Program

Note:  additional updates coming soon!


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